Thinking of Homeschooling?

Here are some questions to consider about homeschooling:


  1. What are your motives/reasons for home educating?
  2. What goals do you have for your home-educated child and yourself as parent-teacher (this particular “school year” and the future)?
  3. What is your educational philosophy (such as Traditional Classroom Model, Unit Study Approach, Charlotte Mason, Classical, Eclectic, etc. )?
  4. Commit this decision to the Lord and spend time in prayer.

If you are thinking of Homeschooling, here are a few helpful links:

CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio) – A good starting place if you don’t know what to do.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) – For legal guidance.

ODE (Ohio Department of Education) – For reporting requirements. ODE Home Schooling

OAC (Ohio Administrative Code) – Lawriter link to Ohio Administrative Code regarding homeschooling.

If your child has special needs, here are some additional helpful links:

  • Renee Silvaroli (, Director & NATHHANOhio representative
  • OUCH has available “Ohio Special Needs Resource Packet” containing a variety of up-to-date brochures, resource lists, addresses, etc. It includes national and local resources.
  • State OUCH Newsletter. quarterly/1 year subscription
  • Various topics for workshops and meetings
  • Resource table for events.
  • A national and international support network for families with special needs who home educate.
  • Offers a lending library, magazine/newsletter quarterly, and a family directory.
  • Link: NATHHAN
  • c/o The Lane Learning Center
  • This program evaluates your child’s perceptual skills, screens for potential problems, and provides activities to help develop those skills.
  • Home-based child development programs ranging from rehabilitation for the severely brain injured to the development of accelerated programs for the gifted.
  • An Ohio division will be opened in the Columbus area.
  • Contact NACD or OUCH for the latest information and phone numbers.
  • Link: NACD
  • Provides free information to assist parents, educators and others in helping children with disabilities.
  • Link: NICHCY
  • June/July 1994 Issue, Special Section: Learning Difficulties
  • Also available through OUCH in their resource packets.
  • Link: Teaching Home Magazine
  • Through the Carroll County Board of MRDD
  • 2167 Kensington Rd, Carrollton OH 44615
  • 330-627-7651 contact person: Ann Meyers
  • Not a Christian organization but can offer valuable help.
  • Great resources and hard-to-find books on ALL needs
  • Not Christian – some discernment in browsing needed
  • Purchases add to the NATHHAN library c/o OUCH Ministries
  • Link: Special Needs Project