May 2002 Revision


The CHESCA fiscal year shall begin June 1 of each year.


The CHESCA CENTRAL COUNCIL Responsibilities:

  1. To develop, approve and enforce current CHESCA policy.
  2. To coordinate communication among CHESCA Nurture Group leadership.
  3. To provide a newsletter to CHESCA members.
  4. To approve and assist the establishment of new CHESCA Nurture Groups according to current CHESCA policy.
  5. To gather political and other information pertinent to home education and distribute it to CHESCA Nurture Groups.
  6. To provide training and continuing education for the CHESCA Nurture Group leadership.
  7. To mentor new CHESCA Central Council members.
  8. To hold meetings as necessary with CHESCA Nurture Group leadership.

The CHESCA Central Council:

  1. The routine business of CHESCA shall be administered by a Central Council as defined by Article V of the CHESCA Constitution.
  2. Committees may be established by a majority vote of the CHESCA Central Council.
  3. Quorum of the CHESCA Central Council for conducting business shall be fifty-one percent (51%) of the current members of the Council.
  4. For routine business the CHESCA Central Council shall (if possible) arrive at consensus instead of voting. If consensus is not possible, all decisions shall require a 2/3 majority vote of council members present at the meeting for enactment.
  5. Routine CHESCA Central Council meeting dates, places, and times shall be published and made available to the general membership.
  6. Minutes of the CHESCA Central Council meetings shall be kept on file by the Council Secretary and shall be made available to CHESCA members upon request.
  7. Routine CHESCA Central Council meetings shall be open to CHESCA members. Any CHESCA member desiring to speak at a meeting must make this request according to current CHESCA policy.

CHESCA Nurture Groups:

  1. Each CHESCA Nurture Group shall have at least two officers: a Leader and a Treasurer.
  2. Each CHESCA Nurture Group must appoint its representative(s) to serve on the CHESCA Central Council. Representative(s) must meet the qualifications set forth in Article V of the CHESCA Constitution. Representative(s) are expected to participate in meetings and Council committees. The number of representative(s) shall be determined by current CHESCA policy.
  3. CHESCA Nurture Groups shall meet as often as they deem necessary to fulfill the needs of their members. Meetings shall be determined by the CHESCA Nurture Group leadership.
  4. Each CHESCA Nurture Group Leader shall meet at least once per year with the CHESCA Central Council. The date(s) and time(s) of this meeting shall be set by the CHESCA Central Council.
  5. The Officers of the CHESCA Nurture Groups shall be selected by the members of the CHESCA Nurture Groups. The CHESCA Nurture Groups will notify the CHESCA Central Council of the names and addresses of their officers.
  6. New Nurture Groups may be formed from time to time. The request to begin a new Nurture Group, along with the names of the required officers (Leader and Treasurer), must be submitted to the Central Council for approval.
  7. Nurture Groups and their officers are expected to operate in a manner consistent with the purpose of CHESCA, as stated in Article 2 of the CHESCA Constitution.


The CHESCA Central Council shall develop and maintain a CHESCA Policy Manual. This shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. A copy of the CHESCA Constitution and Bylaws, and all current CHESCA Central Council Policies not listed herein.
  2. A copy of all current CHESCA Central policies. Superceded policies must be removed from the Policy Manual.
  3. A copy of the CHESCA Statement of Faith and Statement of Purpose.
  4. A written description of the responsibilities of each CHESCA Central Council position.
  5. A written description of the responsibilities of CHESCA Nurture Groups.
  6. Written resources and forms that may be used by the CHESCA Central Council, the CHESCA Nurture Group officers, and the CHESCA membership for effective communication and cooperation in furtherance of the purpose of CHESCA.


  1. All CHESCA Central Council members’ terms of office shall be two (2) years, or until their replacement has been chosen and qualified. If a CHESCA Central Council member desires to retain a Council position he/she may be reinstated by the member’s Nurture Group.
  2. All CHESCA Nurture Group officers’ terms of office shall be two (2) years, or until their replacements have been chosen and qualified. A CHESCA Nurture Group officer may retain his/her position upon the approval of the Nurture Group which he/she serves.
  3. The CHESCA Nurture Group members are expected to fill any vacancies of their representative(s) and/or officers.
  4. If removal of a representative from the CHESCA Central Council becomes necessary, the procedure established in the CHESCA Constitution, Article VI: Discipline and Conflict Resolution, shall be followed:
    1. In such a case the representative in question must abstain from this vote. The vote of the remaining CHESCA Central Council must be at least 75% (3/4 majority) for enactment.
    2. Each CHESCA Nurture Group shall establish its own procedures for removal of Nurture Group officers from office.
    3. The CHESCA Central Council may remove a Nurture Group Officer with a vote of at least 75% (3/4 majority) of the CHESCA Central Council.


The CHESCA Central Council may enter into contractual agreements. Any party under contractual agreement with CHESCA is responsible to the CHESCA Central Council for the performance of duties required.


These Bylaws may be amended at a regular meeting or by mail-in ballot upon the recommendation of the CHESCA Central Council, provided that any proposed changes be written and mailed to the CHESCA membership at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting or voting deadline. This written notice shall also include the meeting time and place or instructions for a mail-in ballot. Any amendments to these Bylaws require a 2/3 majority vote of members present for enactment.