CHESCA supports and encourages parents committed to educating their children at home. This group is decidedly Christian and family-oriented, and we are open to all like-minded homeschooling families. It seeks to serve homeschooling parents and children of all ages through activities such as educational and recreational field trips, community service projects, gatherings for fellowship for the whole family (such as our annual Back to School Picnic or annual Bonfire and Hayride), Mom’s Night Outs, holiday parties, and more. Our goal is that this group will help home schoolers find each other, make friendships, share ideas and information, and generally support one another.

CHESCA Leadership
Role Name Email
CHESCA Contact Person Autumn Flock sedpotensishe@yahoo.com
Director Keith Zukas kczukas@yahoo.com
Newsletter & Website Contact Person Robyn Zukas kczukas@yahoo.com
Treasurer Stephanie Crawford s99mac@yahoo.com
Membership Secretary Penny Popiel rpopiel9@yahoo.com
Activity Coordinator & Registration Stephanie Crawford s99mac@yahoo.com
MNO Coordinator Cheryl Carrick cheryl.carrick@att.net

History of CHESCA