Text Box: Christian Home Educators Stark County Association 
FALL 2003
Text Box: The
Text Box:                            From the director,
Dear members & friends,
     We hope you’re finding time to enjoy the summer.  It often seems that we load our lives with so many activities, days speed by, before we know it.  The constant demands on our lives never seem to slow down, even when we do.  “ There will never be an end to, the requests upon your time.  Its your place to stand up and tell the world you’ve got to rest a while.”...from Sara Grove’s All Right Here  CD….and………“Everything is urgent, everything is not.  At the end of you life your relationships are all you’ve got!”  As I have a tendency to put in extra hours at the office, these wise words speak to me.  We may, but God will never load more on us than we’re capable of handling.  As homeschoolers, you understand the importance of building relationships within the family.  Congratulations!
     Although it may be hard to believe that summer is passing and the school year is approaching, it’s never too early to get started.  We can look forward with exciting anticipation to the blessed year God has planned for us.  As we open new textbooks and draw up new lesson plans, let us not get too stressed out or fearful of the year before us.  “For He did not give us a spirit of fear, but one of power and love and self-control,” 2 Ti 2:7.  And  “Who by worrying could add a single hour to his life,” Mat 6:27.  Remember that God through you controls the pace and pressure of your home school.  God provides the strength to accomplish what, in Him, we set out to do.  If we are doing God’s will, rest assured that our adversary will attempt to discourage us by showing us obstacles and will prompt us to question the path the Holy Spirit sets us on. “Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged,”  Dt 31:8.                  Let us persevere and do what we say we will do, for in Him we are people of integrity who want to lift the name of Jesus in all we do.  
                                              Glory be to the name of Jesus Christ,
                                                              Dan & Liz Kutt

Political Action

 – There are a few things on the “burner” that Ohio home educators need to be aware of. Voter Registration (State of Ohio), HONDA (national), and Political Action Committee action (local).


Voter Registration


First, to recap last year’s election. The CHESCA Political Action Committee had the desire to find candidates that were strong on home schooling and support them. We did that in a couple of ways. First, we made you aware of the candidate and then we asked you to involve your family in their campaign. Not many responded and the candidates lost. Randy Pope ran for the 61st Ohio House District and Richard Wingerter ran for the 8th Ohio School Board District. Mr. Wingerter’s race was important because his opponent, Jim Craig, is on record as opposing home education. As we were doing some investigation with the Stark County Board of Elections, we matched names in their database, on a CD ROM, with names of CHESCA members in our database and found a startling surprise. Under one third of our members are even registered to vote! That was an incredible discovery. Because both candidates ran in other counties besides Stark, it was a tough uphill battle. Afterward the November elections, Melanie Elsey and I discussed some strategy and came up with a game plan. Melanie and I believe every home education support group, including CHESCA, should make a concerted effort to register member families to vote. On the heels of that meeting the Political Action Committee hosted a meeting on November 18th, featuring Bruce Purdy, who was Executive Director of CHEO at the time, Barry Sheets, who was working as a legislative assistant in the Ohio House at the time, Randy Pope, local candidate, Richard Wingerter, local candidate, Melanie Elsey, CHEO Legislative Liaison, Eagle Forum Chairman, and CHESCA member, and a variety of CHESCA members.                               (con’t on page 8)





Following are the dates for the CHESCA meetings:  August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17 and December 15.  All meetings begin at 7:00 pm and will be held at the Faith Bible Church on Market Ave, just north of 55th Street, with the exception of the  August 18th meeting. It will be held in the home of the Kutt’s.  All CHESCA members are invited to attend the meetings, but must contact Dan Kutt in advance if you would like to address the Council and be added to the meeting’s agenda.