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Text Box: Computer Classes

Joshua Rodd will be teaching a computer class at the home of Cynthia Julius on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.  It will run from the first week of September through December 11th.  This class is for those students who would like to understand the underpinnings of computer theory to make it possible for them to write code of their own “down the road”. Each student will be required to have access to a computer in their home, as lab work will take place at home.  As this is a first time class for Josh, it will be offered this semester only, at the discounted rate of $5.00/class/student.  There will be an additional reimbursement charge for photocopies passed out in class.  This class will be severely limited in size to allow for the maximum in personal attention. Contact Cynthia Julius to register at or call 330-456-7629.

Cynthia Julius is available to help with questions that come up during the year in algebra/trig, geometry and advanced math.  Small personal classes are available in high school math and science. It is also possible to schedule “labs only” throughout the year.  All classes

Start the first week of September, so please contact Cynthia to register at or call 330-4567629.  Cynthia also does one on one tutoring in elementary math and reading to help those moms who are looking for some additional creative ways to work with students challenged in these areas.  Moms are welcome to sit in on any classes.

CHESCA swimming Update--


Last year, we did not meet the minimum amount of participants required to continue the Thursday CHESCA swim classes at the Canton YMCA.  Therefore, there will be no Canton YMCA swim class scheduled for CHESCA this year.  However, if you wish to have your  child continue with classes at the Canton YMCA, there is an open enrollment homeschool swim class provided by the Y.  Contact the Y for details.  Also, CHESCA green is continuing their CHESCA swim classes at the Green YMCA.  Contact Lyn Goodwin for more information. 330-896-3676


I am currently pursuing other options for CHESCA swim lessons in the Canton vicinity.  Hopefully we will have a better option in place by winter quarter.  Please let me know if you have any input about swim lessons. 



Kathy Burnett (866-2063)




Geometry Class


I would like to teach a small geometry class beginning the second week of September and running throughout the school year using Harold Jacob's Geometry textbook.   Each participant would need to purchase the student textbook.  Please contact Kathy Burnett (866-2063) by August 22 for more details.  

Northeast Community Center Open Swim


Last year the Canton Nurture Group enjoyed an open swim once each month in the Northeast Community Center’s beautiful Olympic-size pool.  Now, we invite all our CHESCA friends to join the fun!  Locker rooms are available. (Please note CHESCA swim policies under dress code.)  Please indicate potential interest on registration form, but just come and pay at the door each month.


Day/Date:  Last Wednesday of each month

Time:  10:30 am to 11:30 am

Cost:  $1.50 per child (parents may swim free)

Ages:  All

Location:  2600 25th Street NE, Canton

Questions:  Susan  330-456-2063