Executive Committee

Director:     Dan & Liz Kutt 

Secretary:   Cindy Julius

Support Staff
Membership Secretary:
Activities Committee Chair: 
	      Kathy Burnett
Newsletter Coordinator:	      

Political Action Committee Chair:
	       Mark Stevenson

Nurture Group leaders 
Alliance:       Mike & Peggy Christy 
Canton:         Kathy Burnett 
Green:           Kirk & Lyn Goodwin 
Jackson:        Dan & Liz Kutt
Konos/Alpha Omega:  
	      Cindy Julius 
N. Canton:      Norm & Stephanie Floom

Council Representatives
Alliance:       Al & Karla Gotch 
Canton:        Mike & Kathy Burnett 
                     Steve & Melissa Thomas 
Green:          Kirk & Lyn Goodwin 
Jackson:      Dan & Liz Kutt
                      Lance & Penny Popiel 
Konos/Alpha Omega: 
                      Cindy Julius 
                      Mark & Diane Stevenson 
N. Canton:    Claren Sjoberg
                      Michael & Heidi Oyler

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Voter Registration


First, to recap last yearís election. The CHESCA Political Action Committee had the desire to find candidates that were strong on home schooling and support them. We did that in a couple of ways. First, we made you aware of the candidate and then we asked you to involve your family in their campaign. Not many responded and the candidates lost. Randy Pope ran for the 61st Ohio House District and Richard Wingerter ran for the 8th Ohio School Board District. Mr. Wingerterís race was important because his opponent, Jim Craig, is on record as opposing home education. As we were doing some investigation with the Stark County Board of Elections, we matched names in their database, on a CD ROM, with names of CHESCA members in our database and found a startling surprise. Under half of our members are even registered to vote! That was an incredible discovery. Because both candidates ran in other counties besides Stark, it was a tough uphill battle. After the November elections, Melanie Elsey and I discussed some strategy and came up with a game plan. Melanie and I believe every home education support group, including CHESCA, should make a concerted effort to register member families to vote. On the heels of that meeting the Political Action Committee hosted a meeting on November 18th, featuring Bruce Purdy, who was Executive Director of CHEO at the time, Barry Sheets, who was working as a legislative assistant in the Ohio House at the time, Randy Pope, local candidate, Richard Wingerter, local candidate, Melanie Elsey, CHEO Legislative Liaison, Eagle Forum Chairman, and CHESCA member, and a variety of CHESCA members.


We discussed the importance of home educators involving themselves in campaigns and elections for the sake of electing candidates who will be dependable in being vigilant and defending our right to home educate our children.


So, here is the plan Melanie and I discussed! We are holding a voter registration drive in CHESCA! In this newsletter, you will find a form from either the Stark County Board of Elections or a form from the State of Ohio. If you are not registered to vote in the State of Ohio please take advantage of this opportunity to register. Fill out one form for each person not registered. If you did not get enough forms, call your local board of elections office and ask for as many as you need. The Stark County Board of Elections phone number is located on the Voter Registration page included with this newsletter. If you are a Stark County voter, you should have received the Stark County form. If you reside in other outlying counties, you should have received the State of Ohio form. Either form will have self-explanatory instructions. Also, there will be a detailed sheet (copied front and back) explaining how to register. We are forwarding, according to the amount of people in your household that may be of voting age. Please, please, take the time, now, and fill it out. The November general election is right around the corner and the time is now. Please follow the directions and SEND THE VOTER REGISTRATION FORM EITHER TO STARK COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS OR KENNETH BLACKWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE IN OHIO. ó- A Special Election Package is being developed for a minimal charge. Please see the Activities Registration Form for ordering information. ó-

From the CHESCA Statement of Purpose:6. We seek to promote the rights of Christian home educators as citizens within the sovereign State of Ohio.