Political Action Committee


 Last fall we tried to start a political action committee in CHESCA and had a sparse turnout. The committee consisted of a few diligent people. This February, I had the opportunity to speak to support group leaders from around Ohio at the CHEO Support Group Leaders Symposium about involving support groups in election campaigns. Melanie Elsey requested that I explain how we supported candidates. If you would be interested in our committee and have fresh ideas on motivating homeschoolers to take the plunge, please email me at mastevenson1@juno.com or call me at (330) 497-6776 and let me know what you think about political action. This is a critical time in Ohio as most of the State of Ohio Board of Education is not in favor of our homeschool rights.


Here are the areas we are considering for a structure in this committee.

Phone Trees - We need someone who will help in the documentation, implementation and maintenance of a CHESCA-wide phone tree. This person should work with someone in each Nurture Group to ensure that information is carried instantly and accurately. This should not be a time consuming responsibility, unless we become embroiled in a fight for our home education freedoms.

Letter Writers - There is a need to develop a team of people who have an interest in writing, effectively. A well-timed letter to the editor of a local newspaper can sometimes start an engagement of public debate and thus win the battle for public opinion. If we write with effectiveness, many good things can come out of it. However, it requires coordination and strategy to work, in conjunction with, other families who will write and represent their family's views.

Research Team - Various issues and candidates need to be examined and researched in order for CHESCA's political action strength to make a difference. We need a team of people to draw off of the materials that come from various sources, including that of our own Melanie Elsey. Melanie's emails have been very accurate and precise. However, they need to be cut into bite-sized pieces. We need talented people to break the information down, to be consumed by our membership, that will enable us all to take action.

Candidate Teams - In order to have an effective network, we need to support good, solid candidates during their election campaigns. Whether they run for a local position, such as a local school board member, county commissioner, or they run for a state or federal legislative position, candidates that support home education need our help. God can provide great provision through the right people being in the right position at the right time.

Media/Publicity Team - We need people who are discrete, well mannered, quick on their feet, and will represent home education in the best possible light. This team will become equipped to become acquainted with media contacts. If you have an interest in bringing home education issues to the community, then this may be the place you would want to serve.

Position Writers - We need interested people to help "frame" an issue into a solid position. As a result, CHESCA can then release position papers, in conjunction with Melanie Elsey's and CHEO's positions.

Library Manuals - We have people willing to keep tabs on certain libraries but we could use more help on this. If you have an interest in keeping this valuable resource updated, please let us know.

CHESCA Approved Assessors - We need someone to keep contact with our end-of the-year assessors. Not much work, but needs to be done.

“The people who know their God will stand firm and take action”.

Daniel 11:32

From the CHESCA Bylaws:  Article 2, Management, The CHESCA Central Council Responsibilities, 5.  To gather political and other information pertinent to home education and distribute it to CHESCA Nurture Groups.