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Winter 2003
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Communicators for Christ, Anyone?

   Have you heard the rumor that a Communicators for Christ Conference is coming to our area? Well, Lord willing, we are anticipating such a thought to become reality! Plans are being made to bring Teresa Moon, a very gifted teacher and encourager, along with her energetic staff of teens who have won national honors in speech and debate events, to the northeast Ohio area. Although it would be wonderful to give you exact dates and complete details, we do not have that information yet, so we will all have to be patient a while longer. We have requested dates in August  2004 so that Christian students of all educational backgrounds will have more of an opportunity to attend. Here is some information which may  help you to plan:

The conference is offered as a one-day public speaking class for 7-11 year-olds at a cost of $40, two-day public speaking class for 12-18 year-olds at a cost of $105, two-day debate class for 12-18 year-olds at a cost of $105, or four-day public speaking & debate for 12-18 year-olds at $155. These are per-student costs, and some discounts should be available, which will be communicated with registration information.

Parents attend free with their children and are encouraged to attend as much as possible. Parent sessions are held each day of the conference.

In order to host the conference, committed workers will be needed in the areas of  set-up and take-down, planning, preparing, and serving meals each day, and coordination of host housing for CFC teen staff and out-of-town guests. We also need people to promote the conference among friends and church family.

If you know you are interested in any of these areas, please let Melissa Duriga know at 330-875-6106 or DFCrew@juno.com

Political Action

by Mark Stevenson


On October 13 and 14, the CBS World News Tonight ran two stories through their, “Eye on America” segments by Vince Gonzales. The segments were called, “A Dark Side to Home Schooling”, and, “Home Schooling Nightmares”. It was known one day in advance that these stories were running. Therefore, this was the HR 6 of the media. Home schoolers watched in dismay as the suspected angle to the stories became certain.


For several weeks after that, home schoolers across the United States responded to CBS and their evening sponsors by firmly disproving the notion that this was a true

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CHESCA Newsletter Needs Volunteer

You may be receiving this newsletter a little late. That’s because it may have gone out late because I have too much on my plate and I am really not the one to be laying out the CHESCA newsletter. We all have busy schedules and too many commitments. I am no different. Many things have been happening concerning Political Action.


Because I also forward messages on the CHESCA email list, I recently put out a plea for CHESCA members to involve themselves on the Political Action Committee. I received one response but it was not to volunteer. The person didn’t even acknowledge the needs on the committee but asked me to forward something down the email list. Needless to say, I forgot completely about it because I’m overloaded with responsibilities.


Part of the restructuring from a year ago was done because it was believed that more CHESCA members would get involved in the workings of our support group. But that has not happened as hoped or I would not be doing this newsletter. However, it has helped in many ways. It is extremely important that your Nurture Group Representatives make you aware of the needs and workings of CHESCA. I trust the Lord will move on the right hearts to ensure that the blessings from a support group like CHESCA continue for many years to come.


Mark Stevenson, CHESCA PACC