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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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Assessment Options

There are three assessment options according to Ohio regulations - written narrative, standardized testing or an alternative method. To help you in choosing and preparing for your assesmsment, we suggest you attend a nurture group Assessment Information Meeting, if possible.

Here is a general comparison of the three assessment options:

Option Pros Cons
Standardized Testing Objective numbers make year to year objective comparisons simple Some children don't test well
Give clear picture of relative grade level Some believe testing does not accurately portray a child's ability
Comprehensive in a variety of areas Does not show character growth
Prepares students for other tests (A.C.T., S.A.T.) Must state a grade level
Involves hours of time to take
Child must understand how to take test
Written Narrative or Portfolio of Child's Work Assessor can compare written work from beginning and end of year Assessor may not know family well or understand their methods
Encourages parents to keep record of work for skill and character development Different assessors have different requirements
Work saved for assessment can be shared Parents must keep work for entire school year
Allows individualized assessment
Takes less time than standardized testing
Only progress, not absolute level, is assessed
An Alternative Assessment Agreed Upon by Parents and Superintendent Allows for creativity Must obtain agreement with superintendent
Helpful for special needs children
Assessment can be less of a burden on parents


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