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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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You should investigate curriculum options, trying to picture what approach would work best for your situation. Consider your student's learning style and your teaching style, as well as the makeup of your family and financial situation. Computer software, videos, literature and textbooks are just some examples of resources you can use.

To find other helpful resources, see Mary Pride's The Big Book of Home Learning, Vol. I and II and Cathy Duffy's Curriculum Manuals.

Christian and non-Christian home-school material suppliers are numerous. Some major ones include:

Some "satellite" programs are available enabling a family to home school through a Christian school. Some materials or testing services may be provided. See Christian Light Publications, Christian Liberty Academy School System, McGuffey Academy.

Some public school systems are very open to allowing home educators to use their textbooks. If you choose this approach, please pay close attention to context, both subtle and obvious teachings, and be ready to discuss important issues with your child.

Libraries often have public school textbooks and valuable supplemental materials. For example, information and materials concerning preparing for the GED (high school equivalency test) is available.

Magazines such as Homeschool Digest, The Teaching Home and Practical Homeschooling contain much good information and curriculum advertisements.

Books are a great source of information! Take advantage of used book sales, "CHESCA Chronicles" newsletter ads, or opportunities to "rent" or borrow books or computer software.

Joining forces with one or two other families to exchange or share teaching responsibilities can help fill the gaps, strengthen weak areas, or stimulate ideas (co-oping). Nurture groups may help provide this forum.

More information on curriculum, including high school, college, and preparing for alternate types of education is available in Earl & Diane Rodd's guides, HELP Packet (Getting started/overview/resources), Home School High School HELP Packet (Approach for High School/resources), and College HELP Packet (Overview/admissions/planning) available from Families Honoring Christ, 6044 Pine Creek St. N.W., North Canton, OH 44720.

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