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Here's how to mecome a member of CHESCA. Note that CHESCA consists of a county wide organization plus localized nurture groups. Members join both the county wide organization and one (or more) of the nurture groups. Most people join the nurture group in their part of the county. Contact the nurture group leader for more information on that nurture group in order to help select the best nurture group for your family. More details can be found in our Constitution and By Laws.

Online Registration

Now you can register online! Use your credit card or PayPal account to securely pay your fees. This quick convenient method saves processing time and postage, and will only take a couple minutes of your time. You can also renew your membership online!

Paper Registration

If you wish to register the old-fashioned way, here are the steps:

  1. Print these three documents:
         New (and Renewing) Member Registration [word doc]1 [pdf doc]2
         CHESCA Statement of Faith [word doc] [pdf doc]
         CHESCA & Community Schools Page [word doc] [pdf doc]
  2. Complete the new members registration form, selecting a nurture group preference.

  3. Read and sign the Statement of Faith. Note that it must be signed by both parents (except when the parent is a single parent). Note the instructions at the bottom concerning the situation where one spouse does not agree with the Statement of Faith.

  4. Read and sign the CHESCA & Community Schools page. Note that this page also must be signed by both parents (except when the parent is a single parent).

  5. Send these three forms and your fee (CHESCA Central fee plus nurture group fee) to the nurture group address listed for your primary nurture group.

[Acrobat Reader] 1If you do not have MS Word 97 or better installed, please download a MS Word viewer.
2PDF files require that you download the Adobe Acrobat reader.
Alternatively, contact us and we'll mail a printed copy to you.

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