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Non-Active/KONOS Nurture Group

Description: Although our group has historically been a co-op oriented group, currently most member families do not meet with one another but maintain a connection to CHESCA for the flow of information that comes through e-mails, meetings and the newsletter. A good portion of our membership consists of CHESCA homeschool veterans; folks who have graduated at least one home school student. Many of the veterans have, in the past, put in volunteer time in leadership within CHESCA central or currently serve CHESCA in that capacity. Other members are very active homeschoolers within their region but live further away than is practical for participation in our county. We continue to exist as a group to allow families to stay within earshot of what is happening while minimizing the need to participate in group activities. Please send any comments or questions to: Mark & Diane Stevenson at

Leader: Mark & Diane Stevenson     Ph. 330-497-6776
Fee: $0.00
Payable to: CHESCA
Mail to: Diane Stevenson, 6657 Middlebranch NE, North Canton, OH 44721

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