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2006 Post-Election Commentary


CHESCA Members, Pro Lifers, Gen J'ers, and Fellow Conservatives:

After the Election Night chain of events, it is clear what has happened in, not only Ohio, but the entire country. Neither party "gets it". If we draw a hypothetical, in another 10 years, voters will cycle again and the Republicans will come back. However, the last time Republicans did what Democrats did Tuesday evening, they published their marketable Contract With America and thought they would cruise right along. But they never acted like they were in charge. May I suggest to you, that contract was a bunch of garbage? They wrote it, broke it, not America. Since those days, the Republican National Committee has adopted the "big tent" theology and abandoned the principles and core values that once brought conservatives out in force.

This was not more plainly demonstrated that the last week. Our local home school group initiated a start-up club connected to a national organization called Generation Joshua. One of the draws to Generation Joshua has been the Student Action Team component, whereas, club members get to participate in four to five days of intensive, hands on campaigning for local and statewide candidates that represent the moral values of the students, themselves. This happens by volunteering time at a local Party Headquarters office.

In Stark County, we started to negotiate with our local Republican Party Headquarters about coming out and participating with them and we came to some quick conclusions. Since they were "big tent" Republicans, we could only participate in a way that supported their machine. A typical habit of any Student Action Team is to start a volunteer day with a quick devotional and prayer. When we negotiated with the headquarters, they absolutely would not have it, because it might be "offensive" to others. We were at a negotiating impasse. Until they suggested they could provide a place, offsite, and even chip in breakfast. On the surface, it was a more desirable option because we could have a full breakfast and say whatever we wanted to without fearing it was going to be "too much" for someone. But it did eliminate our influence at their headquarters because we were not "big tent". They were intolerant of us.

Then there were other plots to the negotiation of working with them. Our Generation Joshua Club sent out a press release, only to have a local media outlet pick it up and offer to do a piece on us, as a club, at the headquarters. However, during the negotiations, as soon as the local GOP headquarters found out, they immediately canceled our four days of working on site. We suspected it was because they did not want to have any public linkage to a "conservative Christian" group, but only wanted the volunteer work they could get out of us.

It looked like all arrangements were off, had it not been for the top state candidate's campaign calling and "leaning" on the local party headquarters to let us back in.

We did end up negotiating our time and proceeded with four days on the average of 10-12 hours each. The club created its own schdule, in connection with arrangements made with our county headquarters.

During the time we were there, there were many instances of attempting to manipulate a capitulation on our part, to make calls supporting candidates we were not comfortable supporting on the ticket, to appeal in using negative campaign methods, and to not use our time and resources wisely. Our team knew, going in, that our world views and core values were not in line with "big tent", but it was a constant rub. Several had indicated over the four days of volunteering that they felt like they were not wanted, but their volunteer work was. In other words, they wanted to use us for their purposes but didn't really want us there. On a few occasions, the tension was visible.

Lest anyone would think the Stark County Generation Joshua Club went into Republican Headquarters with any kind of a "chip on our shoulders", we set several phone bank records over the four days we were there. It cannot be that we were uncooperative because our numbers were so good, it made even the Ohio GOP brass pay attention to it. Just go down and ask the headquarters in Stark County who worked the hardest. We really made the headquarters look good. When the headquarters wanted publicity, for their own benefit, we made sure "every seat was filled and every phone in use", as instructed.

But it is clear, the Republican Party is not our party. They do not hold our values. And they just don't get it! They will blame Hillary, and Nancy, and even blame the conservatives of the Republican Party. Take this quote from a news release:

"The Democrats realized something our leadership forgot, stole a page out of our playbook, and recruited candidates across the ideological spectrum. This election isnít a repudiation of the GOP, itís a repudiation of a handful of zealots, and a reminder that you can not build a majority party without securing the middle of the American electorate."

- Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, Executive Director of the Republican Main Street Partnership

See what I mean? Let Ms. Resnick go ahead and be foolish. No one can stop her, that's for sure. And, oh by the way, those handful of zelots she was referring to? That was us Conservative Christians from the Stark County Gen J Club. At least we worked for the party (I'm wondering for how much longer, though).

And, I love this MSNBC article.

But you won't hear the Republican machine blame themselves. Well, I blame the whole party for loosing on Tuesday evening. I blame them for not listening to the constituency that can drive them to victory, Conservative Christians. I blame them for ineptitude (since we had to do the headquarters work that should have already been done when we got there, like organizing walking lists and having them completely ready to hand out). I blame them for the scandalous propensities, not just in Ohio, but all over the country (too numerous to point out). They are completely void of any common sense if they think they can get away with "being the big tent" and loosing their moral compass (their candidates will always get in trouble if they think they can always use situation ethics. Either right is right, and wrong is wrong, or you will always suffer).

But guess what? These party leaders are people that go to our churches on Sunday. So, what condition are our churches in? Where is the moral and spiritual compass in situational ethics? I blame Governor Taft for the absolute arrogance of not stepping down when he was convicted of a crime (maybe Tuesday was a referendum on the Taft administration). I blame party leaders for always waiting until the last minute for disciplining one of "their own" to avoid public scrutiny or political fallout. Not taking care of problems in your own house is absolutely disgusting. That is what is wrong with the ills of our culture. Some parents won't be parents anymore. If we had discipline in our culture, there wouldn't be so much disrespect for adults. I blame party leaders for not understanding the principle of "treating your neighbor as yourself" by putting themselves in the shoes of the working class poor. If they did, there would be no more Democratic Party because the Republicans would own the world. But the defined issues are always about what they have ever, ever done, and no more. God forbid they start to think differently on something. Yes, I'll say it, I blame them for a "we've always done it this way" mentality. They couldn't think outside the box if their lives depended on it. But some found out this week, their political lives did depend on it, didn't they?

If you think I just have it out for the Republican Party, well you're wrong. I'm a registered Republican. But, let's go ahead and start on the Democrats. I will give them credit for one thing, they are openly immoral, supporting abortion and homosexual rights and ignoring the moral lines of fetal stem cell research. Oh, but they have their own skeletons in their closet. They, along with Republicans, try any way to steal elections. But, the Democrats were the first to try it publically in 2000 (Americans have a hard time believing election results are real anymore). Then they will make it a life-long ambition to see how they can plot and scheme to provide as much drama, not just on election day, but weeks leading up to it, for the news media to sell their air time to. If anbody is convinced Nancy Pelosi will bring on the "cleanest Congess" in years, then they're dumber than anyone thinks. Please, give me a break. Their turn is coming, once again. Have they ever admitted that Pres. Clinton broke the law?

The politics of the United States of America are just about ready to hit an all time low. There will be so much mud slinging and vitrolic hate in the coming two years. You think it was bad this election? You "ain't seen nothin' yet". But yet, America spoke with one mind on Tuesday. Isn't that ironic?

My last and strongest point. Without a spiritual revival brought on by Almighty God, without a new change of heart in our culture of welcoming God back into any and every component of our culture, without a visible proof, nothing will change. Let's face it: OUR WHOLE COUNTRY JUST DOESN'T GET IT YET. America, we get what we deserve. Keep that in mind over the next couple of years.

Mark Stevenson

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