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Stark County Candidate Recommendations

Here are the candidates that CHESCA recommends for the following elected positions:

Federal Offices

Position Candidate Endorsement Status
Representative to Congress, 16th District Ralph Regula (R) Endorsed   WON
U.S. Senate Mike DeWine (R) Endorsed LOST
Court of Appeals, 5th District Judge, t.c. 2-09-07     No Endorsement ---
Court of Appeals, 5th District Judge, t.c. 2-10-07 No Endorsement ---
Court of Appeals, 5th District Judge, t.c. 2-11-07 No Endorsement ---

Statewide Offices

Position Candidate Endorsement
Governor Kenneth Blackwell (R) Strongly Endorsed LOST
Lieutenant Governor Thomas Raga (R) Strongly Endorsed LOST
Attorney General Betty Montgomery (R) Preferred LOST
Secretary of State Greg Hartmann Preferred LOST
Auditor of State Mary Taylor (R) Strongly Endorsed WON
Treasurer of State Sandra O'Brien (R) Strongly Endorsed LOST
Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, t.c. 1/1/07 Terrence O'Donnell (R) Strongly Endorsed WON
Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, t.c. 1/2/07 Robert Cupp (R) Strongly Endorsed WON

State House and Senate Districts

Position Candidate Endorsement
Representative - 50th District John P. Hagan (R) Endorsed WON
Representative - 51st District Scott Oelslager (R) Strongly Endorsed WON
Representative - 61st District Brant Luther (R) Preferred LOST
Senator - 29th District Kirk Schuring (R) Strongly Endorsed WON

County/Local Candidates

Position Candidate Endorsement
Auditor Pat Fallot (R) Preferred LOST
Commissioner 1-1-07 Richard Regula (R) Endorsed LOST

Court of Common Pleas

Position Candidate Endorsement
Court of Common Pleas, 4-16-07 No Endorsement ---
Domestic Relations Div., Term Commencing 1-1-07   Jim James (R) Preferred WON
Domestic Relations Div., Term Commencing 1-2-07 David E. Stucki (R) Strongly Endorsed WON

Ohio State Board of Education *

Position Candidate Endorsement
District 7 (Ashtabula, Portage, Summit, Trumbull) Dr. Deborah Owens-Fink (R) Strongly Endorsed LOST
District 8 (Belmont, Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison,
Jefferson, Mahoning, Stark, Tuscarawas)
Jim Craig (R) Preferred LOST

    * We have important information for you regarding this year's State Board of Education races.

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