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Ohio State Board of Education Spotlight


To all:

There are 29 days until November 7th. There are many critical races in this election and it is likely that many of you are working diligently to make a difference. The purpose of this email is to highlight the election of State Board of Education candidates. Most of the email sent to this list over the years has attempted to help make folks aware of pending policies that could affect our families. A portion of this email will present opinions, but I will also provide information that will enable you to pursue facts about the candidates for yourself. The opinions expressed are mine, as a private citizen, and are not intended to reflect the positions of any 501-(c)3 or (c)4 organization with which I am affiliated.

Ohio has 19 SBE members – 11 elected and 8 appointed by the governor. Of the elected members, FIVE seats are up for election this time. Please look carefully at the counties covered by these districts and review the suggestions as to how you may get involved. If you do not live in these 5 districts, there are definite ways you can make a difference as well!

Please help spread the word regarding these races. Too many Ohioans are unaware that we even have a State Board of Education. Many don’t understand the impact these 19 individuals have on critical policies that affect our children and grandchildren!

It is the GRASSROOTS that will make a difference in most of these races. If you don’t live in the counties listed below, but are in a neighboring county, please consider volunteering your time (e.g. phone banks, passing out lit on election day at the polls, supporting the campaign financially, etc)

Ohio law permits a dollar for dollar tax credit for contributions made to a statewide candidate, up to an annual limit of $50 for single filers and $100 for joint filers. SBE candidates qualify for this type of donation. It is a tax credit, not a deduction, so you will get every penny back when you file your tax returns.



Counties: Erie, Huron, Lorain, Lucas, Ottawa (part), Seneca (part), Wood

Summary: Martha Wise has been the elected representative for this district for close to three decades. She is leaving the board to pursue a seat in the Ohio Senate. Over the years she has been one of the most liberal members, so this open seat will give citizens in district 2 the opportunity to choose a more conservative candidate.

District 2 candidates:



Counties: Butler, Darke (part), Miami, Montgomery

Summary: This elected seat was vacated earlier this year with the passing away of State Board member John Griffin.

District 3 candidates:



Counties: Hamilton and Warren

District 4 candidates: