Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Commentary and What's Next?

Stark County Gen J'ers,

Ok, so this wasn't what we envisioned when we started planning the SAT. However, the election results will prove how much resolve we all have about loving the country God gave us and what our civic obligations should be.

I just wrote a stinging indictment of our culture, not exactly as a reaction to the results of the election, but as a wake-up call before the culture-at-large starts making all kinds of bad decisions. I had Steve Thorn, the CHESCA webmaster put it up on the web:

I would suggest you get something to drink before you start into it.

You students should start your own commentaries up. It will help to build your skills on framing.

Pray for all the wonderful candidates that lost Tuesday night, and their families. That would include Ken Blackwell, Rick Santorum, Jim Ryun, that's right, Ned's Father, and countless others who have been friends of ours.

What do you students think of things?

Mark Stevenson
Stark County Gen J Club

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