Thursday, September 14, 2006


Stark Co. Gen J is taking off!

Stark County Gen J'ers,

That was some meeting tonight, wasn't it? Ned Ryun was everything that I thought he would be. He's the man! His presentation was outstanding.

Before the meeting started, I asked him how he started with Gen J. He said the concept was originally a brainchild of him and his brother combined. Then, they pitched it to Home School Legal Defense Association and explained to them that there was a need to put home schooled students into productive rolls by giving them a grassroots experience in working with candidates "on the ground". So, they succeeded in convincing HSLDA leadership, and the rest, as he said, is history. Evidently, Tennessee is a state in which Generation Joshua has had some of the most success, but he is hoping to replicate that kind of success, here in Ohio. There are several other clubs located around Ohio.
Well, to review the meeting a little bit, Ned gave the overview in his Power Point presentation this evening. However, the really helpful thing was him answering all the questions about getting started. Also, when we came back after the break and he hung around to help us in bringing it together, his input was what we needed.
I certainly appreciate all the families that were present tonight. It was a mix of some I had known since 18 years ago and some I have just gotten to know this year. And I believe we have a great group of students. In speaking to our students, let me say a couple of things to each of you. First, you are in a county where home schooling grew up. CHEO, in the very beginning, was started and based in Stark County. And when CHEO moved, CHESCA was born to keep the local group going. This is significant to you because you have some of the most stalwart home school parents around. Second, our support group has had a distinction of being politically active for many, many years and we have a vast amount of resources, locally, to help you in the Gen J mission, which is, to teach young people to be effective, well-rounded citizens for Christ, and to equip them with the tools necessary to maintain liberty and the exercise of self-government.
So, there you go Stark County Gen J Club. We are embarking on a new mission field. One where the harvest field is definitely ready. Engaging the culture is what Gen J is all about. Ned put it so well. Everywhere he goes he hears how wonderful the Gen J student action teams are and how they are in high demand with candidates.
Ohio is primed for you to move out. Let's show everyone how civic-minded the students are in Stark County. We also need to recruit and bring other students into the club to make it as effective as we can. As Steven Curtis Chapman puts it, we need to dive in.
Next meeting on Thursday, September 28, at Harvest Christian Center, 116 9th St. NW, North Canton, Ohio, 44720, at 6:30PM. Candidating and election of officers will be the prime item on the agenda.
For those who would want to join Gen J of Stark County, see our e-mail list at: Also, see more information, locally, here:
Mark Stevenson
Generation Joshua Club of Stark County

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