Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The New Happenings of Stark County Gen J

Stark County Gen J'ers,

You students need to recruit more new members to our club. If you need any help in doing this, let me know and I will assist you.

We actually have two blogging areas. This one here, and an area in connection with Generation Joshua's national website:

If any students want lessons in blogging and want to put it out here, let me know and I will get you started!
On Thursday evening, Oct. 5, we took over Stark County Republican HQ's. That was something to see all of us with those phones! Man, I don't think the Republican leaders will forget that. We took over every phone they had.
For such a quick-starting club, I was proud of your accomplishments that evening. And all you students acted with maturity and spoke with confidence to those you were calling. All counted, I think we had 17 or 18 there that evening, including all the adult sponsors. We completed 1530 phone calls, an amazing feat, to be sure.
The on Saturday, Oct. 7, six teams of 2 went door to door for Ken Blackwell in Stark County. We knocked on 209 doors had a few snacks put up a few signs and had an all around good time.

Our adult sponsor in charge of local activities has scheduled one more group outing to Republican HQ to phone bank. He is still trying to find a good day for everyone. Adult Sponsors, remember that if your student is signed up for the Student Action Team (SAT) GenJ will be expecting them to commit some time on the phones in the last week of the campaign.
In such a short amount of time, we have elected officers, volunteered at the phone bank at Republican HQ'ers, and canvassed an area of Stark County.

Let's keep up the pace. But pray for strength, it will be maddening up until Nov. 7th. We're gonna have lots of fun the week of Nov. 1 - 4.
Mark Stevenson
Stark County Gen J Club

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stark County Gen J'ers,

We did it! We launched ealier last month and now we met on Thursday, Sept. 28 and our students elected the officers. Each student running had to present a candidate speech and they were voted on by their peers in the club.

Randy Pope, who had earlier been a candidate in the Ohio 61st House District, is now running our internal Student Action Team, separate from Virginia Headquarters. He has arranged for our students to make calls at the Stark County Republican HQ's this coming Thursday evening, and door-to-door lit drops in North Canton on Saturday afternoon. We're getting started earlier than the Virginia organized SAT's because our candidate is behind in the polls.

Last Thursday evening, after the meeting, we had over 793 newsletters Right to Life of Stark County just received, hot off the press, so RTL asked us to put edge sealers and address labels on them. Our students and adult sponsors went right to work! We finished them that night.

We're all starting to feel real good about our club. Hopefully, before this school year is out, we can get them to blog here.

We're busy all the way up through the November elections.

One of our student officers went out tonight and recruited other stundents, not yet Gen J members, to make phone calls for a candidate by the name of Debra Owens-Fink for the Ohio State Board of Education. She is currently an incumbent that has held the line on Intelligent Design and she is a firm friend, politically, to home educators. So we are busy there, too.

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