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Gen J Non-Press in Repository

On Saturday, November 4th, a Canton Repository reporter came to Stark County Republican Headquarters. The following article was the result. The real irony is Stark County Republican Chairman Curt Braden was quoted as saying "record-breaker" numbers were being achieved for contacts with supporters. The Stark County Gen J SAT was being told the whole way through, that our team was a major reason for this as we were, over two days, accounting for roughly half of all phone bank calls going out of headquarters. The truth is, big-tent Republicans do not want to be connected publically in any way with conservative Christian activists. This is why it is important to not be known as "an official arm" of the Republican Party because the truth is we are not the same. Since our Gen J Club had the ability to form our own activities, instead of deferring to the party, we believe we can make the most of our opportunities, regardless of the non-press we receive. We know we are effective. We know what the truth is. We are making Stark County Republican Headquarters look good. That is fine. Consider the following quotes from the article in the Canton Repository on Sunday, November 5, 2006:

Parties rally for votes via e-mail, phones, visits


CANTON The phones were busy at the Stark County Republican headquarters at 2727 Fulton Dr. NW, too.

"People are making calls here and at another location, too," said Republican Party Chairman Curt Braden, walking by a table of seven women on the telephones, all talking simultaneously. "We ran out of phones yesterday. We'll have people here making phone calls into the night," Braden said.

People also were stopping in to pick up election signs and grab boxes of Republican candidate literature to distribute, including those backing Ken Blackwell for governor and Mike DeWine for U.S. Senate. Braden also noted his party's e-mail campaign.

Braden said the number of calls to supporters already had exceeded the number to callers during the same time frame in the 2004 campaign, which he called a record-breaker for making contact with supporters.

Republican supporters were also going door to door to remind residents to vote and ask them to support the candidates on the Republican slate, he said.

Reach Repository writer Lori Monsewicz at (330) 580-8309 or e-mail:


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