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Election 2006 Student Action Team - Election Night Bash
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Around 6:30 - 7:00PM, all of us arrived at the Gotch home for the bash. Everyone had a great time with chips and dip, wings, sandwiches, drinks, and everyone fellowshipping. Mark made a brief phone call to Josiah Derry from the Tuscarawas Club and it appears as if they beat us in phone calling that day as they had 4,448. They were whooping it up over the phone! They sent up a cheer for our club and we returned the favor over phones. Josiah did mention that state candidate Mary Taylor stopped in to see them that day and mentioned the "great bunch of home schooled students in Stark County" she had seen the day before, which would be us.

As our gathering was a combination of adults and students, students and students, adults and adults, it was a very complete evening that seemed to go by quickly. Before anyone went home, Raymond Duriga gave a last devotional and repeated the exhortation to pray and trust God for the results. Raymond was right on. There were around 40-50 people there at that point.

Then we turned on the TV's and started to watch the fallout of America, once again, exerting the power of the vote. Republican after Republican was loosing. It was a very difficult feeling. One by one, each family returned to normal living by returning home. For this very new Gen J Club, we felt hurt, not just for Ken Blackwell's defeat, but for all the great candidates that went down that evening. Earlier in the evening, Mark and Randy had discussed the possibilities of Ohio favorites going down, but not the whole country. It was a very sobering evening and next day.

A couple of bright spots worth noting; first, some of our candidates did make it. Mary Taylor, friend to home schooled students, made it as Auditor of the State of Ohio. Many local candidates made it. Also, the next day Sean Hannity opened his show by saying that both parties just "will not get it" and how the Republicans have left the core values and principles that made them win elections. This should be the fighting cry of every Christian, for either party.

Our new club has established itself as a faithful and reckoning force. Many impressions have been made. We will pray and ask God to keep us where He wants us to serve, both our local community, and nation.

Mr. Muckelrath gets an early start on dip while Mrs. Gotch and Mrs. Pieplow put out more snacks

Mrs. Muckelrath and Mrs. Shallenberger chat

Emily Miller and Mrs. Stevenson find a great place on the couch

Mr. Pieplow had the most original party outfit

Raymond Duriga exhorts us one last time

Watching the returns

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