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Election 2006 Student Action Team - Day 1
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Day One started with a GOP sponsored breakfast that included french toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, breakfast rolls, cereal, orange juice, tea, coffee, and fresh fruit. After casual conversations around tables and eating, Randy Pope delivered an address to our SAT concerning the differences between the political parties and we conservatives. Randy gave many instances of how we influence the culture around us. Next, Mark Stevenson gave a devotion out of Psalm 18:34, "...he trains my hands for battle...", and Psalm 18:39, " armed me for strength for battle...", saying that we were walking into battle with our culture to contend in the city gates, according to Psalm 127:5. Mark exhorted the team to balance their prayer throughout the day to have strength to contend through spritual warfare, and be a servant at the same time. Randy gave the end prayer and we were on our way to Stark County Republican Headquarters.

When we arrived, we found a host of other volunteers. Our team took instructions from Republican Headquarters coordinators, and went right to work on the phones. We pretty much filled their phone bank most of the day with a constant flow of replacement volunteers on the SAT. Around the noon hour, some had to leave. GOP Headquarters then had sub sandwiches delivered and our team members took some time to refresh with food.

Around 2:00PM our adult sponsors suggested we take a rest from the phones by going door-to-door doing literature drops. Republican Headquarters then gave us some walking lists and we hit the streets. Four students and a SAT photographer split up while the other adult sponsors went down other streets dropping literature themselves. Lots of antics and laughs were had with team members being invigorated by the cool, fresh air. Stats were not available, but it appeared as if we knocked on 40-50 doors. We arrived back around 4:00PM to start into phone calling again. Dinner came around 6:30 to 7:00PM and we stopped to once again fuel up. The food pushed us up until 8:45PM.

On Day One we registered a total of 2,933 phone calls out of a headquarters total of 5,279 calls! More than half of every Republican volunteer that called that day! We went door-to-door and door knocked a total of 79 doors in an hour and a half.

Our team had a total of 25 people participate, with 17 students and 8 adult sponsors.

Christina, David, Maria, and Charity assembling bags

Emily Miller Phone Banking

Grace, Kristy, Ethan, Cody, and Mrs. S Phone Banking

Ethan, Emily, Kristy zone in while Cody wonders why it's so cold out

Kristy and Cody doing door-to-door

Emily gets her next assignment from Mrs. M

Ethan and Emily get a taker

Ethan thought to door actually had a heart beat

Kristy and Emily doing door-to-door


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