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Election 2006 Student Action Team - Day 2
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Day Two started, again, with a GOP sponsored breakfast that included homemade Egg McMuffins, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, breakfast rolls, cereal, orange juice, tea, coffee, and fresh fruit. After casual conversations around round tables and eating, Mark Stevenson gave a devotion out of II Cor. 4:2, "...we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God...", and II Cor. 4:4, "...the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.", saying that we do not go into Stark County Republican Headquarters to knowingly deceive anyone about the candidates or issues by using the "company line" of the Republican Party. Nor should we expect unbelievers to understand what positions we take or why, since their minds are darkened. Christians do not, nor should not, have the same exact values as unbelievers. Mark exhorted the team to know and expect the people we may be working with, to see things the same as us, or say the same things we do. Once again, we were exhorted to balance prayer throughout the day to have strength to contend through spiritual warfare, and be a servant at the same time. Grace Sabella gave the end prayer and we took off for Stark County Republican Headquarters.

As in the day before, we arrived to find a host of other volunteers. Our team filled in all the empty seats and went right to work on the phones. We filled their phone bank most of the day with a constant flow of replacement volunteers on the SAT. Around 1:00PM GOP Headquarters had sandwiches delivered and our team members took some time to refresh with food.

Around 2:00PM our adult sponsor, Randy Pope, lead the team out to the road to wave signs at passing traffic on Fulton Road. The team shifted into their top gear with enthusiasm and brought many people to "honk their horns" in support of Ken Blackwell. After an hour, Randy couldn't hardly get everyone to stop because they were having so much fun. Randy then lead us in going door-to-door doing literature drops using Republican Headquarter's walking lists. We had 13 students split up with 7 adult sponsors in 3 groups. This was more of an all-out effort as we knocked on over 250 doors in two hours. We arrived back around 6:15PM and dinner was ready. Good thing too, because everyone was cold and needed downtime. After dinner, our SAT went back to the phones. We were the only ones in the headquarters, besides one other volunteer. Our core group kept up the pressure and we found out the good news after Sharon Beth came in and found we had broken a record by registering over 3,044 calls out of 6,868 that day!! Republican Headquarters didn't know what to do because they have never seen this kind of effort. We left Saturday evening knowing we had done our very best to make Ken Blackwell our next governor. We went home to rest over the Sunday sabbath and come back Monday prepared for whatever God gave us.

On Saturday, our team had a total of 20 people participate, with 13 students and 7 adult sponsors.

Randy Pope explaining Sign Waving

Sign Waving on Saturday

Grace S., Christy S., and Joanna P. giving everyone a smile while waving signs

Randy Illustrating his resolve when he couldn't pull students from sign waving

Randy Pope instructs door-to-door to Paul, Al, Sally, Grace, Emily, Charity, and Christy

Door-to-door with Grace S., David S., and Christy S.


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