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Election 2006 Student Action Team - Day 3
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Day Three started, once again, with a GOP sponsored breakfast that included biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, breakfast rolls, cereal, orange juice, tea, coffee, and fresh fruit. Twenty-two people came for breakfast. After breakfast conversations around the tables and eating, Mark Stevenson introduced Raymond Duriga to give the devotional. Raymond used the text out of Psalm 11:3, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?", and 1 Cor. 3:11-12 For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. [12] If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw,...", saying that Jesus was the foundation and not the government. Raymond suggested that even though the United States would get taken over, the foundation would still be Jesus Christ. Raymond then closed in prayer. Tracey Sabella threw out a challenge that everyone should phone call at least 5 pages, front and back, which would be the equivalent to 600 calls per person. Little did we know this would be the impetus for record-breaking numbers of phone calls to be made on this day. Mark Stevenson exhorted the team to show the Tuscarawas County Club and Mount Vernon Club that we wanted to be "equals in the fight". We also discussed straying from the schedule to divide up into two groups, phone callers and door knockers. Club Secretary Kristy Shallenberger took down names for those desiring either activity. After another short prayer we all took off for Stark County Republican Headquarters.

When we arrived we pretty much just took every spare phone and started in. The Sabellas and their guest friend took seats, along with Emily Miller. The balance of team members were taken outside to divide up, again, into two teams of door-to-door campaigners. After begging for, and receiving, two precincts for each sub team, we went our own separate ways and started into Jackson Township. Most of the door-to-door took around two and a half hours, total. We should have completed around 250 doors. Around the 1:00PM hour, GOP Headquarters had sandwiches delivered and our team members took some time to refresh with food.

We had planned to sign wave when Stark Republican Headquarters informed us that candidate Betty Montgomery and Ann Taylor were paying us a visit. We kept the pressure up on phones until they got there. When the bus pulled up, we were able to be front and center. Both candidates gave speeches and we ended up having our pictures taken with them, as a club. In the middle of it was also an appearance by Congressman, and candidate, Ralph Regula. He also was in our picture. His son, Richard, who is running for Stark County Commissioner, made a cameo appearance. Around 3:00PM part of our team went out to the road to wave signs at passing traffic on Fulton Road. Once again, the team gave their enthusiasm and brought many people to "honk their horns" in support of Ken Blackwell. After an hour of sign waving, we went back in to the phones, just in time for the Massillon Independent newspaper photographer to come in and get shots of our group in action. Most of the day, some team members were stuffing bags to throw into driveways. So, two cars loaded up and started into throwing bags onto driveways, which the kids loved. We arrived back it was dark. Around 6:30PM, dinner arrived and it was a Mexican cusine. Boy, was it good. After dinner, our SAT went back to the phones, knowing full well, we should have made some history. Our core group kept up the pressure and we found out the good news after Sharon Beth came in and found we had broken, yet, another record! On Monday, November 6, 2006, our club alone registered over 6,093 calls!! Not being sure what happened with the other two Gen J Clubs in Ohio, Sharon called the Tuscarawas County group and found we beat them by over a thousand calls! Our SAT was ecstatic, knowing that Mrs. Sabella's challenge was the stimulus. We sensed something had been achieved with singularity. When I got home and called the Knox County Club, they, and I, found out Stark beat them by 5,150 calls. The Knox County student leader was astounded. Both of us agreed that this new-found friendly competition could only bring about better results for the candidates we supported. We left Monday evening knowing we had done our very best to communicate to Ken Blackwell that we want him as our next governor.

On Monday, our team had a total of 22 people participate, with 14 students and 8 adult sponsors.

The Breakfast Club

Raymond Duriga gives us our devotional

All seven callers are part of the Gen J Phone Call Squad

Kristy, Grace, and Maria pushing the totals up

Mrs. Muckelrath adding it up

Charity Stevenson puts in calls for Blackwell

Cody talking someone into voting

Diane, Christina, Jonathan, and David Stevenson go door-to-door

What did the person on the other end say to Raymond

Candidates Montgomery and Taylor visting us

Mary Taylor exhorting the troops

Stark County Gen J Club with Mary Taylor, Betty Montgomery, and Ralph Regula

Ralph Regula and Mary Taylor enjoy a brief conversation

Ralph Regula exhorting the troops, while Jonathan Stevenson looks on

Sign Waving for Blackwell

More sign waving for Blackwell

Lit Bag Drops

Kristy and her profound display of affection for Sally

David got under foot one too many times

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