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Ohio Home Education Rule Review

Rule Review - JCARR Breakout - SBE Breakout - SBE Contact - Map of SBE

SBE Contacts, as of July 2008

Board President & Member At-Large: Jennifer L. Sheets. Check Jennifer's online bio.
Board Vice-President & State Board District 9: Jennifer H. Stewart. Check Jennifer's online bio.
State Board District 1: Lou Ann Harrold. Check LouAnn's online bio.
State Board District 2: John R. Bender. Check out John's online bio.
State Board District 3: Susan Haverkos. Check out Susan's online bio.
State Board District 4: G.R. "Sam" Schloemer. Check out Sam's online bio.
State Board District 5: Colleen Grady. Check out Colleen's online bio.
State Board District 6: Michael H. Cochran. Check out Michael's online bio.
State Board District 7: Heather Heslop Licata. Check out Heather's online bio.
State Board District 8: Deborah Cain. Check out Deborah's online bio.
State Board District 10: Jane Sonenshein. Check out Jane's online bio.
State Board District 11: Virgil E. Brown, Jr. Check out Virgil's online bio.
Member At-Large: Robin C. Hovis. Check out Robin's online bio.
Member At-Large: Stephen M. Millett. Check out Stephen's online bio.
Member At-Large: Eric C. Okerson. Check out Eric's online bio.
Member At-Large: Emerson J. Ross. Check out Emerson's online bio.
Member At-Large: Sue Westendorf. Check out Sue's online bio.
Member At-Large: Carl Wick. Check out Carl's online bio.
Member At-Large: Ann Womer Benjamin. Check out Ann's online bio.

Achievement Committee meets in Conference Center

Co-chairs: Mike Cochran (up for re-election) and Ann Womer Benjamin
Committee Members: Virgil Brown, Jr. (up for re-election), Colleen Grady (up for re-election), Heather Heslop Licata (up for re-election), Eric Okerson (up for re-appointment by Governor), Steve Millett and Emerson Ross (Term Limited)

This committee usually starts meeting at 8:00AM on the second Monday morning of each month and may be found at the SBE web site. No meetings are scheduled in August. Committee meetings are scheduled for Monday, September 8, Monday, October 13, Monday, November 10, and Monday December 8, 2008. Find directions on Google Maps. Please lobby the respective committee members. Please view the coalition statement being distributed by home educators in Ohio.

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