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Ohio Home Education Rule Review

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Detailed breakout of Step 2, Review by SBE committee and recommendations to the full SBE

  1. The ODE Presentation will be sent to Jennifer L. Sheets and Jennifer H. Stewart (President and Vice-President of the Board) both of whom set the board agenda and committee assignments each month.
  2. Jennifer Sheets and Jennifer Stewart will determine which committee to assign, either the Capacity Committee or the Achievement Committee, and send the Department?s presentation to assigned committee.

    1. If Capacity Committee, the reason may be because the Home Education Regulations are related to School Choice;
    2. If Achievement Committee, the reason may be because of the nature of some of the rules (e.g.- language concerning Assessments)
    3. NOTE: The committee process does not provide an opportunity for public testimony. Therefore, if anyone from the public wants to communicate, it will have to be done by phone calls or letters to members of the committee. Please view our contact information page.
    4. NOTE: If committee assignments are full, the ODE presentation to the assigned committee would get delayed to the following month. At this point, if the public were compelled to communicate with any committee member or board member, communication may be better received by e-mail. E-mail addresses can be found in the SBE Contact page.

  3. When the assigned committee convenes, the ODE will make an initial presentation to that committee. The presentation will consist of a summary of stakeholder response along with the discussion of the nature of the rule.
  4. If the committee members have questions or need additional information, the possibility will exist for discussion to continue to the next committee meeting (the following month), in which the Department will be called back to respond.
  5. The committee heard a presentation by ODE staff, and their recommendation for specific language changes can be found here.

    1. Since the recommendation is for rule change, the proposal then is forwarded to the full board.

  6. Once proposed language changes are finalized, the committee will vote it out to the full board. This will simultaneously begin the JCARR rule review process with the full board.
  7. In the first month, there will be a "vote of intent to change the rules."
  8. In the second month, there will be a public hearing and witnesses from the public may provide testimony, both pro and con.
  9. The third month the board will have a final vote on the rule changes to adopt. Whatever rule changes are adopted will be filed with JCARR.

View our Ohio State Board of Education map and board member biographies.



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