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Why Ohioans for Educational Freedom?

Too many times we've heard our fellow Ohioans come out of the voting booth only to hear them say, 'I had to vote for the lesser of two evils', or 'There is no one for which to vote.' The reason for this is simple: Good candidates cannot be found on the ballot.

Ohioans for Educational Freedom will show you how to employ methods of verification to get the best candidates selected and elected. This task is every bit as important as voting. Casting a vote is vital, but only if there is a candidate who shares your values. Once Ohioans for Educational Freedom gets off the ground, we will organize as a Political Action Committee., organized for Ohioans.

Freedoms Threatened

For years undesirable candidates have been elected. This has contributed to the deplorable state of our current culture. The bottom line is that candidates without Biblical values produce harmful and immoral written legislation. In many cases, the freedoms that we have long enjoyed as a nation are being eroded and jeopardized. Will the next generation do better or worse? Is there hope?

Issues by the Dozens

The depreciation of desirable candidates is evidenced by the escalation of state issues and referenda appearing on ballots. Values voters have been required to go on the defense on state issues, therefore, we have not invested enough effort recruiting worthy candidates, hence eroding the quality of candidates running in state and local elections. Referenda are a dangerous way of legislating, which is why our Founders gave us a constitutional republic rather than a democracy. Values Voters must continue to win the culture war at the ballot box on state issues, but we must also offer Godly candidates to counteract objectionable candidates. One of the major goals of OEF is to locate and support strong Godly candidates.

Start Building, Now!

Even though the present situation looks bleak, there is hope. God is sovereign and much can be redeemed. The place to start is to raise up, train, and stand behind good, qualified people to run for office. Ohioans for Educational Freedom will begin to build an infrastructure by providing appropriate training and by leading the way in identifying solid candidates for office, whether for the State Board of Education, local boards of education, or the Ohio General Assembly. Building the infrastructure will lead to our collective votes counting for sound leadership. When we start to see the turnaround, it will be refreshing to have elected officials stand unwavering for standards of Christian faith, family, and God-given freedoms. Once again, God's blessing will fall upon our great state and communities. But we must build now. With the state of our government, more than likely there will be more attacks on educational options, including home education in Ohio.

What You Can Do

Ohioans for Educational Freedom has been launched to fulfill a need. We earnestly seek the support of all families who value the freedom to educate their own children, and from all who want to be able to vote for candidates who reflect Biblical values. Please send your check written to Ohioans for Educational Freedom (OEF) and mail it to:

P.O. Box 8777
Canton, Ohio 44711-8777

Your generous contribution will give us the boost we need to arrest the loss of freedom in Ohio. Together we can help change the political climate of our state and our nation. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of OEF. It is the faithful monthly donor who provides stability for daily operations and growth.

Build Today, Take Back Tomorrow!

The last several election cycles should have shouted to Values Voters that we need to take back what is being seized by the liberal left. At OEF, we believe the way to help achieve that goal is to build an infrastructure of informed families in Ohio that will raise up its own candidates and get them elected. Not party-based, but values-based!

We as Values Voters need to stop thinking our only civic obligation is to show up and vote on election day. We believe, like you, that more can be done! We have a plan to lay a foundation, second to none, on which we will build, not just for the future, but for today. We must start now!

A Call to Action

At OEF, we believe in more than just voting. Consider supporting OEF, an innovative, conservative-minded group that is ready to unite today?s technologies with the spirit of the early Americans, that old-fashioned 'can-do' attitude!

We are ready to, and indeed must, take our movement to the next level as we preserve our freedoms for our children's and grandchildren's sake.

We believe we are called for such a time as this! Will you stand with us? Let us show our children we will stand for the right thing, or we will fall for anything!

(signups for email lists are on the homepage)

P.O. Box 8777
Canton, Ohio 44711-8777

Dedicated to raising up candidates for public office who will not waver in supporting biblical values.

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