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Strategy to Success

With regard to the growing resume of pastors and church camp ministries, we intend to put a game plan in place and strategize in the following areas:

  1. Legislative Language We have qualified and experienced go-to people for this. Any language to be considered as a bill is extremely important. Already, an amount of research has been done to make this happen. We have added to potential language (ORC 1710), either for a stand-alone bill or a riding amendment to a current piece of legislation pending in one chamber or the other. We are sure there is more information to work from, but adding this language to the ORC 6101 statute seems to be a good direction to start from. Currently, Rep. Sayre has already drafted legislation. We have not seen it nor do we know the status, whether or not it has been introduced. In addition, we know that Rep. Collier is willing to carry the issue on the Republican side of the aisle.

  2. Chamber Schedules - When it becomes established when and where we put our support, we will, in step, keep track of committee assignments and have someone designated to know, even at a moment's notice. All the way from committees to floor schedules assigned by the Rules Committee in either chamber. Bill status can be tracked here.

  3. Communications We will have a communication system to announce details of legislative action and an immediate response network. A YahooGroup has, initially, been set up for a broadcast announcement e-mail list. Also, some initial information at the CHESCA PAC site can be found to provide a background of this issue. I will be reporting more from the trip on Thursday, May 11, 2006.

  4. Networking - It is incumbent on all of us to network as many as possible through our different circles. However, as stated in the last point, we have established a single stopping place for pastors and their congregations to find the details to information.

  5. Troubleshooting Once again, we have qualified and experienced go-to people for this. If things go wrong in committees or counterproductive amendments are attached to a pending bill we backed, strategists have to troubleshoot by knowing the propensities of legislators and where they fall. When these situations arise, someone has to have the expertise to report to the group where the dangers are.

  6. Lead Spokesmen The leads have to be quick on their feet with media, especially with skilled investigative reporters. The frames have to be consistent and offensive, with good defense. They have to be calculated. From the beginning, God has provided the right leadership with a select few in our group, able to speak in a concise and accurate manner. The goal is to be an honorable witness to an unbelieving world while standing up to be counted.

  7. Research In the bigger picture we compare and verify our research assignments, such as verifying with pastors and parishioners from various counties that signed on to their conservancy district taxes already. Too many times so-called facts come out, only to have different facts verified after the fact. We will verify all the facts to be known, before it becomes public.

  8. Coalitions - There are many groups of Christians that need to be located and asked to connect to this effort. We certainly hope that God has moved on hearts to see the issue as an attack on the church. Once groups of Christians come to this perspective, it will be a natural thing to assert the common ground and connect for this single opportunity to protect the existence of the North American church.

  9. Education - We have a consistent pattern of educating those who do not know the legislative process. Materials have been developed and will become available soon for download. Stay tuned.

The current team of pastors come from four counties and are scheduled to meet with representatives from Ohio Roundtable on Thursday, May 18, 2006. Please pray for this meeting.

As the Political Action Committee Chairman, I encourage you to review and study if these facts do not complete a frame of reasoning that "paints the picture". Please get involved, pastors. Stand up for your church's existence and be counted.

Mark Stevenson

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