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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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Suggested Reading List

It would be wise to review The Biblical View of Success in Instruction and some Wise Words from Proverbs.

Klicka, Christopher Home Schooling: The Right Choice
Ballmann, Ray E. How and Why of Home Schooling
Beechick, Ruth The Three R's Series, Teaching Primaries, You Can Teach Your Child Successfully
Blumenfield, Samuel L. How to Tutor
Duffy, Cathy The Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual
Harris, Gregg The Christian Home School, The Home Schooling Workshop (tapes)
Healy, Jane M. Endangered Minds - Why Children Don't Think - What We Can Do About It
Lopez, Diane Teaching Children
Macaulay, Susan For the Children's Sake, Foundations of Education for Home and School
Mason, Charlotte M. The Original Home Schooling Series
Moore, Raymond & Dorothy Better Late Than Early, School Can Wait, Home Grown Kids, Home-Style Teaching, Home School Burnout
Pride, Mary Schoolproof, The Home School Manual
Rodd, Earl & Diane Training for Royalty
Wade, Theodore E. The Home School Manual
Wilson, Elizabeth Books Children Love

The following books about homeschooling family experiences are also good:

Butterworth, Bill The Peanut Butter Family Home School
Colfax, David & Micki Homeschooling for Excellence
Moore, Raymond & Dorothy Home-Spun Schools
Shackelford, Luanne & White, Susan A Survivor's Guide to Home Schooling


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