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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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According to Ohio homeschool regulations, 900 hours of education are required (traditionally 180 5-hour days). Note that you are not required to "prove" that you have provided 900 hours of education. You do, however, commit in writing that you will do so. Remember all your interactions with your child are teachable moments of which you can take advantage. You may choose to take a different approach than the traditional.

A daily log or calendar is helpful. Don't get bogged down by too much detail. Keep your grading system simple.

Plan a flexible schedule especially if you are easily distracted. Major on language arts and math skills in younger years. Read to your child a lot. Fit education into your family situation (every activity possible).

Scrapbook of pictures and mementos of activities, and samples of work can provide a portfolio for assessment.

Record-keeping materials (grade books, etc.) are available through home-education suppliers, as well as office supply businesses.

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