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Ohio State Regulations

In Ohio, there are two parts to the "law". One is the Ohio Revised Code that contains laws as passed by the legislature. The other is the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) that contains regulations put into place by various state departments as authorized by the legislature. The Home Education Regulations are part of this latter Administrative Code, and were put into place by the State Board of Education to provide clear regulations. This brief history may be helpful.

[Ohio Department of Education]

The section of the OAC that applies to home education is section 3301-34. Adopted in 1989, it is titled "Rules for Excuses from Compulsory Attendance for Home Education." It specifies that a child may be excused from compulsory attendance for a number of reasons, one of which is that they are being instructed at home. This excuse is granted by the local superintendent. Here is a local copy of the regulations. You should become very familiar with this regulation. Your continued freedom depends on it!

Sound confusing? It's not, really. Why not contact your local CHESCA nurture group leaders and have them explain it in a few simple words? They'd be happy to assist you!


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