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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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Standardized Test Suppliers

Call these suppliers for rules and restrictions on who can administer tests. Tests will be provided with instructions for administration. They are listed in order of test cost to the parent. Note: Some tests will require a certified test administrator, at additional cost.

If a standardized test is being used for assessment, CHESCA recommends the Metropolitan, IOWA Basic, Stanford, or California Achievement Tests.

Bayside School Services
P.O. Box 250, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
CAT-5 (latest edition), Complete Battery, Basic Skills, or Survey available, grades K-12, $41 for test dates 2/07/05 - 5/27/05 (if ordered by 4/01/05); $51 for rest of year
Parent may administer test
Bob Jones University Press
IOWA Achievement Test (Form M), grades K-12, $39.50 + tax
Stanford 10 Achievement Test (latest edition), grades K-12, $40.50 + tax
Note: Verification section of order form must be signed, as proof of homeschooling, and mailed. IOWA test administrators, (any person with a four-year college degree,) must be certified by Bob Jones.
Christian Liberty Press
California Achievement Test , grades 2-12, $20 (1970 edition)
Family Learning Organization
P.O. Box 7247, Spokane, WA 99207-0247
CAT-5 (latest edition), Complete Battery, grades K-12, $35
Parent may administer test
Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
PASS grades 3-8, $26 + S/H
Personalized Achievement Summary System - PASS
The PASS test was developed specifically for home schooling parents to administer at home. The PASS estimates student achievement in the subjects of reading, math, and language. The test is standardized and children’s scores are compared with both national and home-schooling populations. The Pass is not nationally normed, but the scores are equated to those of public school students taking one of the nationally-normed tests. PASS is untimed.
Seton Home Study School
CAT-E Survey Tests, grades 1-12, $25
Sycamore Tree
Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills, grades 4-11, $50 + shipping and handling
Tests must be ordered by mid-April.
No hand-scoring available.
Note: Certified teacher, registered with Sycamore Tree, must administer test.
Thurber's Educational Assessments
400 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
CAT-5 (latest edition) prices include shipping and handling
Complete Battery - grades K-12; Survey - grades 2-12, $42 for test dates 5/09/05-5/31/05
Complete Battery - grades K-12; Survey - not available, $45 for test dates 5/31/05-6/13/05
University of Oklahoma
800-522-0772 ext 1971 (Dept of Evaluation & Testing)
555 Constitution St, Room 119, Norman, OK 73072
IOWA Achievement Test (Form A) latest edition, grades K-3 $25 + S/H, grades 4-12 $20 + S/H
(minimum $10 charge for shipping and handling)
Note: Certified teacher, registered with University of Oklahoma, must administer test.

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