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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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Certified Teachers

The following list of certified teachers is intended to assist those who do not already have access to a certified teacher for these services. Each family must make their own arrangement for evaluative services. Plan to pay about $20-25 per hour for the service but make your own specific arrangements with the tester of your choice before the school year begins. Make arrangements for testing services as early as January 31 to make sure you meet test order date deadlines.

This list was last revised April 2005.

Certified Teacher Regular Sp Needs
Test2 Wr
Jane Harris
(330)497-9284 (Jackson / North Canton area)3. CHESCA approved4 3/14/05 w/ 14 years experience with home educators.
K-12 K-12 N N
Joanne Holland
(330)305-0741 (North Canton - May-December)3, (727)793-0818 (Florida - January-April), (330)495-2725 (cell phone). Also provides untimed & oral testing for all students. CHESCA approved4 6/02/01 w/ 11 yrs experience with home educators.
K-12 K-12 Y Y
Corrine Reel
(330)833-2007 (Massillon - Perry) My own informal testing diagnostic (regular & special needs). CHESCA approved 6/02/2001 w/ 14 years experience with home educators.
Note: Will retire June 2006
K-12 K-12 Y Y
Mary Jordan
(330)499-4795 (Greentown/North Canton Area) CHESCA approved 6/02/2001 w/ 18 years experience with home educators.
K-8 K-8 N N

1Written Narrative (option 2) assessment
2Testing (option 1) assessment
3FYI only. All do assessments within and outside of Stark County.
4A CHESCA Approved Assessor should have a current copy of their CHESCA assessment agreement.

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